How To Rotate pdf pages and Save Permanently

rotate pages in pdf online for free

Whether it is a business document or a school project, rotated pdf is a big barrier to our productivity. Also, a rotated pdf to 90 or 120 degrees creates strain in our eyes, because it lacks in the permanent focus. It is necessary to rotate pdf online or offline.

Here is how to rotate pdf online with a very simple online tool for free.

How to rotate pdf pages and save permanently

Rotate pdf is a free online tool to rotate pdf online. No matter what is the size of your pdf file, the tool will do the necessary work for you.

How to rotate pdf and save online

Follow the steps below to make a rotate of pdf quickly and easily:

  1. Open your preferred and regular browser.
  2. In the address bar copy this link
  3. Once the link gets open, you will see a purple box saying, “Drop PDF here.” Here you can make a rotate of pdf by uploading your pdf file in four different ways or options:
    • a. Dropping a PDF File- You can directly drag and drop your file from your location to the browser and it will be automatically uploaded.
    • b. Choose file: A dialogue box will appear asking you to browse the pdf file location. Browse the file, select it and click on “Open.”
    • c. From Google Drive: Once you click over “From Google Drive”, a new dialogue box will appear asking you to sign in. Sign in to the account and your navigation of Google drive will appear. Select the desired file and upload it.
    • d. From Drop Box: You can upload your file through Dropbox. Once you click on “From Dropbox” icon, a new window will navigate to your Dropbox sign in and the account. Browse the file from there and upload it to the site.

      4. Once you selected the file from above methods, it will start uploading. The uploading time will depend on your file size.

  4. Now from here either you can add more pdf’s by clicking on “Add more PDF’s” or you can proceed further.
  5. Rotate the file as desired, through two buttons saying “Left” and “Right”. Keep rotating until you find the best position.
  6. Once finished rotation, click on “Apply Changes.”
  7. It will take a few moments to rotate the pages. Once completed, click on“Download PDF now” and browse for the desired location where you want to save the pdf file.
  8. Note: You can save to Dropbox or drive to save the resulted file.

  9. Wait for the download to complete and you are done making a rotate of pdf.

How to rotate pdf and save online- offline version

The offline version of small pdf tool is available. But the version required payment after completion of the free trial.


So, you learned how to rotate pdf online free. This online tool can be being used anywhere For additional benefits, you can keep your files on cloud services like Google drive, one drive or Dropbox so that you can make a rotate of pdf from anywhere.

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